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Updated Jun 04, 2023

We currently have 100s of varietes of rooted starts along with many older plants. Earth Grown Creations currently propagates over 1400 varieties and cultivars that are hardy for the Greater Western Washington area.

Our starts are very well rooted and are ready to be planted out in the landscape. Photos on this website are actual photos of the parent plants (no stock photos used). For an appointment to come out and shop the nursery or to place an order for pickup (local pickups only - no shipping) please see our "Contact us" navigation link


Three of my rooting frames with cuttings from early spring 2022

There are a large variety of cuttings in these frames with 300+ cuttings in each.

These cuttings were taken spring of 2022 and should all be ready for sale in late spring of 2023.

Some photos from around the nursery

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About Me

We are a small family owned and operated backyard grower in Port Orchard, Washington.

Our goal is to bring the best quality plants, suited to our area, direct to the local community.

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Current Sales:

Forsynthia sale bloom size plants $10/each

1 Gallon pots of Oregano $6.50/each

All 4" pots only $5.00/each

20+ kinds of mint only $5.00/each

Most 1 gallon Berry/Fruiting Plants (Raspberry (Gold or Red), Blackberry, LoganBerry, Fig, etc.) $8.00/each

2yr old Hydrangea Starts $10.00/each

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